Thursday 4 February 2010

Potty Tastic!!

I am having a PMM (Proud Mummy Moment) Just when the potty training was getting on my nerves as the girls still seemed to have at least one accident each per day we have had a really great day of it so far.

I dragged them out the house at 8.40am to drop JJ to school and then we came back and went to toddlers, we have been out from then until now, having stopped at KFC for lunch and nipped into Morrisons for supplies and here we are with both girls with the first knickers of the day still on! yay It is clicking! Luckily so, as I forgot to take the change bag with me today so if there had of been an accident we would of been 9 miles from home with no spare knicks, tights or nappies! So pleased you answered my prayers today Lord! Thank you.

What has me even more happy is the fact that the girls (both of them) have actually asked me to take them to the loo. So far if we have been out, it has been me asking every half hour and marching them off to the loo. Today they have both asked me on separate occasions and then performed accordingly. Now I know you do not need to know this, but the things that make us Mums proud are amazing! Miss M asked me for the toilet in Morrisons and off we went and she did a poo too.

Hopefully we are on a roll now, it is day eight today. Sometime soon I hope for a totally dry day and a few hours where I can stop thinking about it.
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