Tuesday 16 February 2010

My 10 Most Surreal Mummy Moments!

Wow, I have been a Mummy for 6 1/4 years now. That is a long time! but not half as long as I hope to be a Mummy for - perhaps at least another 60 years... and maybe I will get to see a Grandchild or two. That just makes me giggle like a little girl, me a Granny - no I can't believe it.

The Mummy Bloggers Carnival over At Wives and Daughters has got me thinking about all the surreal moments that we have as parents. Things we never dreamt we would do or things that just would not happen to us. We are too cool, too detached or just plain too embarrassed for that! Nope, I have now realised us Mummies have no shame - we will do whatever we need to to ensure our babes are safe and as well bought up as can be. Their happiness is our holy grail.

So here are my top 10 surreal mummy moments -

1. Receiving a birthday card for my 30th Birthday from Dennis the Menace, AKA my Bump which of course is now JJ. This was so wonderful as my dh is not one of the emotional types but somehow he had tuned into just how special this first pregnancy was for me.

2. Having a crash section under general and waking an hour later to find dh and JJ cuddling and bonding. I found it so traumatic to be out of it whilst he was born that when I came around I was woozy and did not feel the instant love I thought I would. Turn the clock 48 hours forward and I have had no sleep (yep NO sleep) and I still have JJ at my boob, I have not put him down as yet and all of a sudden I look at him and think 'I have fallen in love with him'. It rates in my top 5 moments of my life.

3. Being in hospital before the birth of my twins as I had pre-eclampsia and the breastfeeding counsellor managing to convince me that expressing my colostrum for the babes would be a great idea. Have you ever done this? Don't. OUUCCHH! Using a syringe to catch those precious drips of gold as this strange woman massages my boobs!

4. After the birth of the twins, seeing these two perfect babes snuggled up together in their tiny see-through hospital cot. They used to snuggle in and hold hands. Ohh it makes me go gooey.

5. Tandem feeding two tiny babies, my boobs were bigger than their heads. I am sat propped up the hospital bed and my door is open and all these visitors are walking past and there are both boobs on show to the world! oh dear, the shame...

6. Going shopping without the babies and still pushing that trolley back and forwards, back and forwards. I don't want the invisible baby to cry!

7. Running out the house for a doctors appointment a couple of weeks after the birth of the twins. JJ strapped in, one of the twins is strapped in and whoops, look in the rear view mirror - where is the other? Oh inside in her cot still. Bad, bad Mummy.

8. The fact that I love my kids so much. I never wanted children, I always hated kids, I never babysat, I never even held a baby until JJ was born. Then all of a sudden this hard-arse woman turns into a mountain of goo. How amazing is it when they first smile at you, giggle, stroke your face, say Mummy or tell you they 'lub you'?

9. The first parents evening! That was so scary and then they told us he was OK, he was a bright boy, a bit slow on the social development but very smart none the less. Whoopie!

10. Helping my big boy learn to ride his bike without stabilisers. He was 'King of the Bikes' and I was 'Queen Mummy' for a day. We both felt so proud and it is a very special bond between us now.

So there are my top 10 surreal mummy moments for now.
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