Tuesday 2 February 2010

My life in Music

I read a blog post last week by the inspirational Mummy Nickie at Typecast. She challenged her readers to open their music library, put it on shuffle, press play and write down for every question, the song that's playing. I have been wanting to do this since and just trying to find the time and seeing as I am avoiding organising Friday nights quiz, what better time than to listen to some tunes!

Oh and one other thing - she reminds us, don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...just type it! I wasn't going to.......honest

So here is mine -


Opening Credits: Nothing compares to You, Sinead O'Connor

Waking Up: Where the streets have no name, Pet Shop Boys (yes this is dh's!)

First Day At School: Love plus one, Haircut 100

Falling In Love: Holy, Holy, Tim Hughes

Losing Virginity: One Love, Bob Marley (well that fits!!)

Fight Song: Wild World, Cat Stevens (I do not even know who he is - another of dh's!)

Breaking Up: I'll be missing you, 112 featuring Faith Evans (Gosh this song ricks!)

Prom: Love shine a light, Katrina and the waves (oh dear dh, were did your taste in music come from??)

Life: The only way is Up, Yazz

Mental Breakdown: Brown eyed girl, Van Morrison (with a breakdown? is that because my eyes are blue?)

Driving: I will Survive, Gloria Gaynor

Flashback: Hand in my pocket, Alanis Morissette

Getting Back Together: Mickey, Toni Basil (oh that so should of been my flashback tune, age 9ish flashing my knickers at school!)

Wedding: Now is the time, Delirious?

Birth of Child: We will rock you, Queen (well I did have twins the second time round!! lol)

Final Battle: Someday I'll be Saturday Night, Bon Jovi

Death Scene: We come to be with you today, Gareth Robinson (very appropriate, as the song is about being with Jesus)

Funeral Song: Things can only get better, Dream (another apt choice for me as a believer that the ultimate life is after death)

credits: The Timewarp, From the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Some funny and appropriate ones in there. I have got to have a good listen to some songs I have not heard in an age and a few I will be quite happy not to hear again. That is the problem with the itunes actually being dh's and I just tag on!

Why not have a go yourself?
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