Thursday 13 August 2009

All loved up!

with my girls....

They are at such a wonderful age at the moment. It is hard to remember all the great things they do but I just find myself sitting and watching them sometimes. The interaction of twins is so special. They grabbed hands today and started doing ring a ring a roses together.

I find them mimicking the most strange of things, they are like little sponges, watching our every move, learning everything and then trying to copy.

I have been listening to some tapes this last week whilst decorating. I have really enjoyed them, they are called room for marriage and they are the first in a series of talks on marriage done by City Church Doncaster, a Christian friend of mine lent them to me about 6 months ago and because they are tapes rather than CD's this is the first time I have managed to get to listen to them. I wish I had listened sooner - they are fab. There is not necessarily anything on them that I do not already know but loads of reminders of how important my marriage is, and how I must cherish myself and dh and our time together.

So Sunday Night I intend to have a good chat with dh and remind him how much we need to make time for each other to ensure that our love stays strong.
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