Wednesday 5 August 2009

Whinge or fight back - which is better???

I can hardly even concentrate on this post so I have no idea why I am trying really!

E is the most whingy toddler alive! I have no idea what is wrong with her, teeth I assume. Boy is she a nightmare right now, driving me crazy. I suppose it could just be that she is not getting her own way and she wants my attention ALL the time!

I hate her whinging, I am really not good with the constant whine, cry sort of thing and the disturbed shouts of Mummy. I am expecting social services to arrive at any time to see if I am beating her, she is so noisy. Much of it is induced by her brother and sister teasing her, especially M nicking things from her. I keep wishing she would fight back and stand her ground and then I wonder if I really would like the fights that might break out from that.

So my dilemma, what to do with her????

Someone give me a good answer please!

PS: Just been made to smile, M appear by my side, said 'I'm back' looked at E whinging at my side and said 'ssssshhhh' and walked away! Good idea......
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