Saturday 22 August 2009

Take me..... into insanity!

That is what I will be singing tonight as I get ready to go out and have a fab time.

Well today is the day of the POPOTOMs meet (twin Mummy's to you uninitiated ones) in Birmingham. The excitement has been brewing for ages, we first talked about this at the beginning of the year and booked in March - thankfully we are all still friends!

This is so unlike me to travel 100 miles and meet people I have never met before, also in total this will cost a fair bit - hotel, travel, food, night out, clothes (of course!) and again nowadays it is not like me to be so extravagant. It must be testament to the relationship I have built with these lovely ladies over the last couple of years that I have not once thought about or tried to get out of tonight. That would be my style, announce a problem a couple of days before, keep protesting I would be there and then on the day let everyone down. It is a terrible way to be really but sometimes I just can not find the energy in me to do something which involves a lot of thought and effort. Do you know what? I know I do ti, as I have just written it here but this is probably the first time I have ever really thought about it. I suppose I need to examine why I do it. I hope it is due to my work on myself during my ED recovery that means that this time I am going and looking forward to it immensely.

So, I leave home in about 30 mins for the train to London, meeting J in London and travelling to B'ham together. We have never met before but I know we will get on, she is an armadillo like me (hard on the outside and very soft inside). I wonder if you agree J? Then meeting the other ladies this afternoon for coffee. I also might pop into the town and see if I can get a freebie department store makeover. I am wearing jade green tonight and it would be nice to see if green eyes would suit me too!

I am all ready, packed, iPod loaded up, ready stuff ready, breakfast finished, kids fed and dressed and now just killing some time.

Can't wait to see you later ladies and to all the missing twin mummies - Susie, Elaine, Kris, Ela so sorry you will not be there this year.
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