Monday 3 August 2009

Grace in small things

Lets start the day as I mean to go on - in a happy and serene mood -

1. Dh has let me have the car so I am here (work) early and able to get an extra hour in
2. I am off to do my aqua class at lunchtime
3. Dh is cooking dinner tonight
4. I have nothing planned for this evening except painting my nails and watching a girlie DVD!
5. I can not wait for Rivercamp, it will be such fun, only 3 weeks to go.
6. I am meeting the twin mummies in just over 2 weeks - a weekend to B'ham with no kids - whoop!
7. I am hardly at work in August, I have so much holidays - yay to spending time with my lovely kiddies
8. Dh might let me have another weekend away on my own in October, a retreat - it will be bliss if we can work it out.
9. The sky is blue and the sun is shining, even though I am at work I hope my babes enjoy it in the paddling pool with Daddy.

Better go and do some work, cup of tea first me thinks.....
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