Sunday 2 August 2009

Easy Sunday morning, yeah right! lmao

I was all set to come on here at about 9.30am and post how amazing it is to realise that things with 3 small kids have got far easier over the last few months. It is a Sunday morning and I have changed the girls beds, washed all their sheets, given everyone breakfast, emptied the dishwasher and put it on again, tided the kitchen and even had an hour to myself to read, exercise, shower and get ready. I also have to say I only woke at 7.30am so it is not as if I had an early one. The girls are now happy in the garden and JJ is upstairs with his cars. Dh is feeling poorly so it looks like we will not be off to our church this morning and I might take the kids to visit our old church who have a much more kid friendly short service at 11.30am.

I do feel very blessed to have 3 wonderful children who are really growing up. I was feeling calm and serene and then just as always, as I sat at the PC I heard JJ start shouting and telling the girls off and generally sounding like he is the parent of the house (do I really sound like that? They say kids mimic their parents). I head to the kitchen and there is 2 small twins with half a dozen eggs smashed on the floor. God obviously wanted to take me back to reality and remind me that yes whilst things are getting better there is still the testing times! Luckily I am in a very good mood today and I can see the funny side and am over it already!

I hope anyone reading has a great Sunday. x
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