Wednesday 8 July 2009

What made me smile today...

  1. E so excited when I arrived home from work at 11.30am, apparently she had asked for me constantly since at I left at 7.45am.
  2. M and E being complete flirts with a family a few tables away in KFC today. M particularly kept laughing, being coy and playing bee boo as they all encouraged her with big smiles and laughs. I was very proud of my gorgeous girls that they could attract so much attention!
  3. E eating her lunch and asking for more (she is poorly, so this is a big achievement - we are on the cusp on chicken pox I think)
  4. The 'to do' pile at work going right down!
  5. E sleeping, so I could get all of downstairs thoroughly cleaned.
  6. Finishing the ironing....
  7. Me and the kids all having a dance together.
  8. JJ trying to be such a big boy and helping me as he knows E is ill.
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