Monday 6 July 2009

Kiddie Update

My kids are so much fun at the moment, I am not sure if it is their development making them seem more interesting or if it is because I am giving them more time and attention - whatever, it is great!

JJ - fell off the slide yesterday and hurt his arm, he is still such a baby really. He just wanted hugs and reassurance that all was OK. He went to work with daddy on Saturday and made him proud by being such a good boy, helping with tasks and keeping himself busy when necessary. Then today when E was ill, he sat and held her in a cuddle and gave her juice so I could get on with tea. They looked so cute there together.

M - what a defiant minx! but a real cuddle monster. Her chatting is coming on and she loves to spot buses, noise bikes (motorbikes) and lorries as we drive along. Singing is a favourite pastime, especially when she should be falling asleep. She is now showing an interest in potty training and loves to wear high heels and pretty clothes. In all but looks, she is a mini JJ with his same effervescent personality and energy.

E - my gorgeous natured little quiet girl. She runs after her brother and sister, always a length behind but adores the two of them and copies everything but in a much quieter fashion. She has her Alfie bear who is her best friend and she has recently taken to a massive fleece blanket! She is also enjoying starting to talk and will gabble to her dollies and teddies about who knows what.

In all, they are great kids and I love them so much my heart aches. They drive me bonkers at times, especially JJ, he is so wearing but I would not want a placid boy and therefore he suits me.

Here is JJ looking after little E and then M decided she ought to be in the photo too! and of course one has a dummy then the other wants one too. There is no hope for me.....
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