Tuesday 14 July 2009

Baby for sale.............

This should of been posted Saturday or even Sunday but I just did not have the time or energy then! Boy what a difficult day Saturday was. Dh went to work from about 7am - 11pm, so crap for him and crap for me. E was so hard to deal with all day. I assumed she was still feeling poorly and was thus very patient with her but I just wanted to run away as the whining was constant and wore me down. Mummy was the constant cry or should that read muuummmmy! Luckily JJ and M were good kids and did not hassle me too much.

E managed a little 50 min nap in the day and was tired the rest of it. I decided the best strategy was to keep us all busy so we went to soft play in the morning and had lunch there, then shopping in the afternoon with chocolate bribery as we went round Morrisons and chip shop tea. I am such a good Mum! lmao but the kids had a good time in general and we got through the day without me killing anyone or swearing at them, so I think it can be voted a success!

Once the girls were in bed JJ and I celebrated by tidying up the house and snuggling in my bed together to watch total wipeout. A good bit of family TV on a Saturday night is a great cure for a hard days parenting.

I am pleased to report that after being back at Nursery yesterday E was back to being her normal gorgeous little self and thus she is no longer for sale!
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