Sunday 19 July 2009

End of Reception year

JJ on the girls birthday, trying out their balance board.

and trying to look brainy - modelling Nannys glasses (can you see the girls chocolate birthday cake all round his face?)

My big boy has 2 days left of this school year and then he will officially be moving from the foundation stage to Key Stage 1 and proper learning! I don't think he is going to know what has hit him. An hour less outdoor play each day, PE twice per week and far less student led play learning..... an as for dh and I, it will be a shock too - proper homework and being more disciplined for him to do it straight after school.

We got his report last week and I was pretty pleased. It was not the most glowing one in the class but it was honest and painted a picture of the JJ I know and love. He was described as a lively boy, who has settled in well to school life. Speaking in a loud voice and finding it hard to stay on task when working independently, as well as rushing over his work. Clever and caring boy was a phrase I particularly liked. Basically his report could of been mine at the same age, I was always described as clever but too noisy and disruptive. I can't really blame him when it is in the genes can I?

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