Sunday 19 July 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Girls

M in her best new 'glam' shoes and E with her 'preddy' (read pretty) beads

M models Nannys glasses

E shows what a little hippe she is, never happier than when she has a headband and tons of beads and bangels!

M models her new watch or tick tock as she likes to call it

It was my girlies second birthday this weekend. I can not believe they have got so big - time really does fly by. I was in hospital this time 2 years ago with a very sore and massive tummy and two tiny heads attached to my boobs! There is a lovely image for you, lmao. I could not imagine being without them now, so very different and both absolutely gorgeous.

M has not been well today, another viral infection and E has been so cute bringing her dummies and the Bob the Builder soft toy - she knew what would pacify her sister.

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