Sunday 5 April 2009

Luckiest lady alive

Last night A and I went to the cinema (to see 'Knowng' with Nicholas Cage - strange film! Not sure if I liked it at all; really not good with films nowadays that involved sadness and parents. Will have to read Ezekiel again as there was a couple of references to that book in the film and as A and I came out we were wondering if the film was based loosley on the bible and the end of time).

Sorry, got sidetracked there! As I was saying we went to the cinema and when we got home I went to check on the kids, as Mum was staying all three of my babies were sleeping in the same room. I just love that, when I can walk in one room and see them all happily sleeping together, my big tall handsome boy, my checcky blond minx and my beautiful poppet all in one room - my heart was bursting with pride and love and I was reminded yet again I am the luckiest lady alive.
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