Thursday, 30 April 2009

End of week 1 celebration

So I weighed myself this morning, having got to a week after I started my ED meeting and started 'being good'. I am pleased to report that I have lost 4lb. At first I was not so pleased with this as normally when I start a diet I can shift 1/2 stone easily. I then had to remind myself I had not been on a diet the last week - I have eaten well and enjoyed my food, last night I even went out and had garlic bread and a meat calzone - so I have not exactly been depriving myself. How great is that to cut out chocolate and cakes and to have lost 4lb?

Some times have been really difficult, others have been a breeze but I have been aware of how I have been eating all week and I have not allowed myself to eat from comfort. So generally I am pleased with my week 1 progress.

Off to my meeting tonight to learn a bit more and hopefully be inspired to carry on for another week.


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