Monday 27 April 2009

I am so blessed

I was just on my way back from an aqua aerobics session and was feeling so motivated when I realised I really ought to post about how blessed I am. All that kept coming to mind was the song 'I feel lucky'.

So for a happy post of the day - here is why I am so blessed -
  • I love my hubbie and he loves me (I also fancy him too!)
  • I have three Divine children, who are sparky and vivacious as well as loving and caring
  • I get to work for 2.5 days per week which gives me some time to be an adult and earn a bit of money too
  • I get to spend the other 4.5 days per week with my kids and doing mummy things like, school runs, coffee mornings, toddlers groups, oh and a cleaning too! lol
  • There is enough time on my working days (be it early morning or lunchtime) to go to the gym, have a swim, do aqua etc
  • We have found a great new Church to become part of
  • I have some wonderful long term Christian friends and some great new Christian friends who all support me in prayer
  • I also have some fab friends who I have now known for about 15 years and love and miss so much
  • I have a great group of mummy friends who share all my parenting struggles
  • My kids have fab Godparents who really bless them

and now I should be working, so that is it for now!

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