Thursday 2 April 2009

The Apprentice - I love it!

I love it! I actually was on count down ready for this new series to start. Then I get excited each week when it is Wednesday. I even have a few friends who are addicted as me and we text about what is happening!

Over the last few years I have received so many comments that I should apply to go on the show and if I am honest, if the Apprentice had been around when I was a childless confident sales manager aged 25, I probably would have! I watch it each week and know exactly what I would have done and how much better I would be! They all get so hung up with being on TV and showing themselves off to be the bigshot that they forget what Sir Alan likes and the things that piss him off. Come on, the series has been on enough years now that they should know better!

How about last night? fancy wearing togas to serve food for a top class canapes event - tacky. Then the girls team were no better - the size of those bagettes they were serving and trying to pass off as canapes. That Yasmina is supposed to be an award winning restauranteur, where does she work Poppins cafe?

So will I apply for a future series? sadly no. I fear I now have different responsibilities, just think how much I would miss those 3 little people if I disappeared for three months and then what about if I won (yep I am confident enough to think that could happen lol) would I ask Sir Alan for a job share role? I don't think he would like that one bit.

Therefore, I will be content to get angry with the contestants and tell the TV off each Wednesday night with a bemused A watching on.
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