Monday 23 August 2021

Making your Home really Special with Floately

Post introducing the Arsai floating plant pot and Volta levitating light bulb from Floatley

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They say that home is where the heart is and that is so true for me. I love being at home and I even start to miss my home when I have been away on holiday for a length of time. I know most people never want to return from their holiday but I'm that odd person who likes to go back and get into my usual routine.

As my home is such a sanctuary for me I love it to look nice and to be able to welcome friends over to enjoy the space with us. We are lucky enough to live on the grounds of a Christian conference centre and we usually have around forty to fifty young people living here at any one time. So, we are never short of guests to come over and enjoy a meal or some games with us.

We've found that with each new set of young people who come over there are certain things that are always a talking point. They love our gallery photo wall on the stairs and enjoy seeing pictures of all my family when we were much younger. They also always enjoy checking out Miss E's artwork on the walls as she has a real talent and we have some interesting pieces collected from the last six or seven years.

I have been looking for some new contemporary decorative pieces to add to our lounge and kitchen spaces in recent times, as these are rooms that get used a lot and I think it will be good to have some more items that attract the attention of our guests.

Let me introduce you to Floatley, a company that supply stylish floating home decor items. They have a lovely range of items from floating blue tooth speakers, to plant pots, to all different lights and lamps. 

Volta - Levitating Light Bulb

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this really is a lightbulb that works and levitates off its base. Now that definitely is a talking point and with the stylish wood base, it is suitable for any room in the house. You don't have to worry about the safety of glass floating either as it is durable and shatterproof glass and is a real LED light giving you a warm light that will last for ages without making your electricity bill go sky high. 

The Volta levitating lightbulb is currently on special price at £80.75 and you can choose to have the plug for US, EU, UK or AU. You might be wondering how the bulb suspends in the air rotating and giving light and it is thanks to wireless induction technology. There are electromagnets in the base and a wireless transmitter and when you place the bulb in the right position above it, the outermost electromagnets serve to attract the bulb’s base while the inner magnets create a repelling force. This is what holds the bulb in place and causes it to hover a few centimetres above the block. 

It's very clever stuff and even more clever that you can keep the bulb levitating continually but not actually have the light on if you do not require it. There is a small button in the base that you tap lightly to turn the LED light on and off.

 I've seen a few people say that getting your bulb to levitate the first few times takes a bit of practice but once you have the hang of it, it is simple and there are good instructions on the Floatley website too. I was also super impressed with the reviews that people are leaving for this and the other Foately products are excellent. Everyone seems to agree that the price is superb value for something so unique and inspiring.

Airsai - Floating Plant Pot

Another great product that is sure to attract the right kind of attention is the Airsai floating plant pot, which is a floating or levitating plant pot. It looks perfect to me for growing succulents in, as they have small roots and don't require drainage, with fits the bill for this small mock wood planter.

There are four designs for you to choose from and again you select the right plug (for your country) and the price is currently reduced to £80.75. Due to the special Airsai technology the pot rotates as it floats and this means that the plant will get 360-degree exposure to the sunlight, so no droopy plants here!

They say the Airsai is suitable for any plant up to 200g and it is designed to create a calm atmosphere that help's to reduce anxiety and stabilise your emotions. There is certainly lots of research on the benefits of plants within the home and the RHS suggest they can even increase your productivity too. So in this climate of working from home, this really could be the perfect addition.

I think both the Volta and Airsai would make superb gifts for a loved one, or maybe for a special wedding, so do check out the Flotely website now. 

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Post introducing the Arsai floating plant pot and Volta levitating light bulb from Floatley

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