Saturday 28 August 2021

Holidaying in the UK: Planning for All Eventualities

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More and more of us are choosing to stay in the UK for our holiday this year and I suspect it may become a trend over the next few years as well, as people recover financially and emotionally from the scars of Covid 19. 

Personally, I love going on holiday here as we have such a beautiful country and there is so much to explore, with great diversity in our towns, countryside and coastline. There is no need for holidaying in the UK to be looked down on as the poor relation to foreign travel. It is far more kind to our world, it can save you a decent amount of money and you know the language!

In the last couple of years, we have explored so much more of our home county, East Sussex and found some real gems for days out. Also, we have also stayed in West Sussex, Kent, Yorkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and London and I can honestly say the only thing we have missed is the guaranteed sunshine and massive swimming pools that you tend to get abroad. I've found that going on holiday with the right attitude and knowing that the holiday will be more about exploring a new area, eating great food and enjoying time as a family has allowed us to not feel as if we have missed out. 

Of course, things can go wrong on holiday here in the UK, just the same as they can anywhere else so it is important to be ready and prepared as you can be. Here are a few things to think about and organise before your holiday, so that you can have the most stress-free time whilst you're away. 

Take out holiday insurance

Many people assume that you only need holiday insurance when you travel abroad but actually it is prudent to look into it for a pre-booked holiday in your own country too. Or at least check what your home insurance covers when you're out of the home. If your luggage got lost on a coach tour, or it gets left at a service station in error, would your insurance cover the cost of buying a new wardrobe of clothes whilst you're away from home?

Also, travel insurance would cover you if you need to cancel the whole pre-booked holiday with short notice due to a life event such as the death of a loved one, ill-health or redundancy. Or maybe pay you for delays if you were flying to Scotland. In summary, don't just assume it isn't needed, actually investigate given the details of your specific holiday.

Have your list of essential phone numbers

I'm a very organised kind of woman, so I always travel with a list of essential telephone numbers including those I hope I don't have to call at all. Of course, you can get most things you need off the web, but if the worst happens, I want to know I have the number to hand and I can call a person or company that I trust.

For example, if I was away and got injured meaning that I could no longer drive for the rest of the holiday, I'd have the number (or web address) to hand for Dayinsure, who are surely the answer when you are looking for the cheapest temporary car insurance. I also carry the details of close family, my children's consultants, essential insurance policies and any places where we are staying.

Organise breakdown cover

I always have breakdown cover in place as I'm not very confident with car maintenance but I think that if you don't then the minimum is to ensure coverage when you are travelling away from home and trying to enjoy your vacation. Just last week a friend of mine's clutch went when she was at the top of a Welsh mountain on her way to her holiday flat!

Plan rainy day activities

We all know that the weather in the UK is totally unpredictable. Right now as I'm sitting at home typing this the heavens have just opened and yet my BBC weather app still says the sun should be shining! lol So make sure you have wet weather plans as well as things to do outside. Use your time wisely before you go away so you have a good list of places you know your family will enjoy and ones that won't cripple you financially. 

Take your first aid kit

Always take the basics with you and then you won't get caught short at an inopportune moment with a family member who is feeling unwell. For years one of my daughters couldn't stomach pills, so we always had to make sure we had liquid paracetamol for her if she got poorly. 

With Covid being rife still at the moment it is important to have a thermometer with you and I also take a pulse oximeter with me too, as they are small but the data can give you so many clues, especially with my mum having COPD and me having asthma. 

Thankfully in this country, we have the wonderful NHS and we can always access medical help when we need it. 111 is a great resource and I'd advocate calling them if someone is unwell and you are unsure what to do as they can get you an appointment at an out of hours GP to gain antibiotics or such.

Keep a positive mindset

Lastly, stay positive. I always think it is worth thinking through the entire vacation and the things that may go wrong, as then if they do you already have a strategy in mind and it won't seem like the end of the world. Realistically everything can be sorted out and being positive is always beneficial.

I hope you enjoy planning out your next UK holiday and have found my tips useful. 

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