Friday 15 May 2020

Reasons to be Cheerful - Lockdown Continues

Morning friends, I'm pleased to see the sun has come out again and the rain us due to stay away, so that makes me smile a lot.

I'm just going to launch straight into my reasons to be cheerful this week and I'm going to have to be a bit, Pollyanna, on a couple of items too, as it hasn't been the most dynamic of weeks.

1.   Loving my mornings - the rest of my family are not morning people and this suits me just fine as I get some alone time. I'm enjoying waking about 8am (which feels like a lie-in) doing my exercise DVD, then having some breakfast and a cuppa, tidying the kitchen and putting the dishwasher and washing machine on and then having a shower and getting ready. There is definitely joy for me in routine. As I do these things I tend to watch/ listen to a devotional and then enjoy my latest boxset, it is The Rookie and then I have some good recommendations for future series.

2.   Walking with Miss E - I had a fab walk around the grounds of our home the other day, just chatting away to Miss E. It is so good when your teens (or near teen in this case) want to chat with you.

3.   My crown came off my tooth - you wouldn't have expected this as a reason to be cheerful, would you? I now have a sore gum and a silly nub of a tooth that is tender to the touch and could crack easily.  The R2BC in this is that I'm not in terrible pain and I can still function until the dentists are back open and allowed to cement it back on for me.

4.   Off out for a family walk - in an hour or so we are all off out together, the first time in about three months that all five of us have ventured out together. The other four are going to walk over the Seven Sisters cliffs and I'm going to drop them, walk a bit and then drive to the other end, so they don't have to do too many miles. The sun is shining, it should be fun!

5.   A good days cleaning - as most of the volunteers have had to return home from the conference centre where I live, there is a team giving all the volunteer accommodation a good clean and paint. JJ and I joined in for one day this week and next week we'll get involved again too. It is very satisfying to see the end result and it was enjoyable to work and chat with JJ too.

6.   Social distanced gift-giving - Miss M has been making little care packages for a couple of friends of hers and we were going to post them, but with the change in regulations here in the UK, Miss M begged me to drive her over to her friends' houses, so she could drop them off and stand on the drive and chat to them for a short while, whilst we were out to do the shopping anyway. It was so nice to see her super cheerful with her friends. They were dancing together from afar and you could see how much they wanted to hug!

Right, time to head out. Have a good weekend friends. Catch you soon, Mich xx

I'm linking up with Becky at Lakes Single Mum for Reasons to be Cheerful.

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