Saturday 2 May 2020

Creating a Coronavirus Survival Kit - Kindness Gift

Coronavirus survival kit header

During this very strange time, there have been a number of friends and family that I have been concerned about, either because they live alone, or I know they thrive on physical contact with people. So I wanted to do something small to let them know they were in my thoughts and that this time would pass and we could all be together again. 

I've made little fun, novelty survival kit gifts before, I shared one on here for a Christian Parents survival kit and I've made them before for mums, sisters, friends, teachers etc. You can adjust the items that go in the kit to suit the recipient and their relationship to you.

This time I made survival kits for some people who are normally here at the conference centre where we live, for my mum and for my aunt (but from my mum). They mostly had the same items in them. Here is a picture of what I included.

Survival kit contents

Happy Face – For all the times you’ve made us smile
Gold nugget – Because you are worth your weight in gold
Egg – Because you are a good egg, and we thank you for that
Puzzle piece – We’re missing a part of our jigsaw at the moment – you!
Felt tip pen – To make your day colourful and bright
Pebble – You are a rock, thank you for being there
Candle – There is light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll be back with us soon
Flower – Because I’d pick you every time
Elastic band – To give you the flexibility to get through the day
Button – So you’re feeling as ‘bright as a button’ every day
Kit Kat – Take a break - relax and chill for a while, you deserve it
Jokes – Laughter is the best medicine
Toothpick – You pick out the best qualities in everyone
String – To bind us together
Wobbly eyes – Don’t close your eyes to any opportunities, consider the possibilities
Plaster – You’re always there in times of need
Balloon – To remind you not to ‘blow up’ when things don’t go your way
Cotton wool – To cushion any tough times
A string of beads – To cast your worries on, God has got you
Pennies – Remember that God will provide

Generally, these were all inexpensive things I had here in the house because I have kids and we do various crafts. The only thing I bought was a small bag of fools gold (pyrite) and this has about 50 pieces in it, so I can use it for all the different kits I make.

On this occasion, I used little voile bags, which again we had in the house from previous gifts given to us, but you can buy them very cheaply on eBay.  You can see the kits in two different size voile bags in the photo. For the new parents one I used brown paper bags that I was able to make a label to stick on the front.

2 sizes of survival kits

The completed gift is below, there is the filled bag, the printed list of why I have included each of the items and I also like to include a prayer card too. The good news is, that I made these and they fitted in a small jiffy envelope the size and weight that I can just use a large letter stamp with, so they really are a great way to send a gift that shows you have put time and effort in, but costs you hardly anything. 

Complete Coronavirus survival kit kindness gift

I hope you like my little survival kits. One of my daughters told me I was cheesy and the other said I was 'so nice', so you just never can tell how they'll be received, but I'm convinced that anyone who receives one will know my heart and hopefully be warmed by the gift.

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