Sunday 26 April 2020

Looking for Reasons to be Cheerful in Lockdown

Wild garlic on JJ and my walk earlier this week

It's the end of another week and yes, like everyone else, they are all merging into each other. We're coming into our seventh week of being home as a family now as the kids came out of school early as my hubby had a cough and we were recommended to isolate. I can hardly believe they have been home learning for that amount of time. I think we are finally finding a bit of a rhythm and the girls are getting on with their work, which in turn allows me time to do mine.

I must say I felt quite normal last night. I headed to Lidl to get a bit of shopping and there were very few people there and it didn't even feel like we were purposely distancing (but we were) and then I picked up an Indian takeaway for us all and came back and enjoyed it with Saturday night TV. It was blissful to take the 20-minute drive in the early evening sun.

Today I am doing my normal Sunday routine with an online church service, a roast dinner and then probably a walk with my JJ this afternoon. Perhaps exploring a new part of our local area. but this is becoming harder as we have to keep walking further and further out. If only we could drive somewhere!

It's not been a bad week here, how can it be when the sun is shining and we have so much space? The girls have been swimming in the lake, playing ball and creating environmental art. We've had a BBQ, outdoor worship around a fire and some great food.

I made my first bread and butter pudding to use up some bread and cream and it was delicious. So I'll make that again.

The cat has become friendlier again and taken to curling up next to me on the sofa or on my bed.

I had three pieces of paid work this week, which was amazing and I am hoping to duplicate it again next week! (positive thinking)

Miss E has been really enjoying her Mega Bounce Ball XL, even on her own!

I just finished an excellent book on forgiveness, so I'm sure I'll write a blog post about it at some time, but it is one that will take quite some hours to craft, I'm sure.

I've been creating little Coronavrus survival kits for friends and family that I think might need a boast. Miss E tells me I am cheesy, but I think they are a nice (and inexpensive) way to show someone you care and they are on your mind. Another blog post I need to write!

I think that is enough reasons to be cheerful for one week. I am living this post up with Becky at Lakes Single Mum. If you fancy reading more posts full of positivity and gratitude, then head over and check out the cheery gang!

Have a good week ahead, Mich x

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