Thursday 16 April 2020

It's almost Graduation Time - Planning your Senior Invitations

Photo by Logan Isbell on Unsplash
{This is a collaborative post}

Graduation is an important and exciting time for every young person. It is the time when you come together with all your friends and classmates to celebrate the hard work you have put in and (hopefully) the great results you leave with. You invite your close family to watch as you stand before them and proudly accept your certificate and shake the principles hand.

I've graduated three times here in the UK, the first from my Higher National Diploma, age 20, the second from my Ba degree conversion at age 21 and most recently from my Masters in 2007 at the age of 34. Each of these has been very proud days for me and I've been able to share them with my close family, as well as partying with my friends afterwards.

In the USA young people graduate from High School at around age 18 and this is the same age our young people leave college but there is no celebration or farewell for that stage here in the UK. My JJ is just finishing school now at age 16 and he should have a prom in June, but of course, coronavirus is making it unlikely that will happen. I think this is really sad for all the young people who have worked so hard and now cannot take their exams, nor attend prom to celebrate their successes.

For this reason, I was stoked to discover Basic Invite, a company that offers every type of invitation and announcement card you could possibly need and in so many stunning designs. Senior invitations are exactly what I need for JJ, as I can send these to friends and family far and wide to shout out how proud I am that he had graduated from school and will be starting college in the fall.

These kind of graduation announcement cards are not something I have ever seen used here in the UK, so I need to start the trend, as they are a beautiful idea. In the same way, you send a baby announcement when you give birth, I want to send a senior invitation to share how proud I am of my first-born son.

At some point, after lockdown eases up we will be able to have a party or small family gathering for him, even if large scale parties aren't allowed to go ahead, and as it will be the summer we can hope (and pray) for good weather. I think a garden party with plenty of balloons, a BBQ, firepit and good music will fit the bill perfectly, and Basic Invite will be able to supply me with just the right kind of graduation invitation. JJ wouldn't want anything too showy or wordy, so something like the announcement card above is perfect with just a fun image of him and the facts.

If you haven't checked out Basic Invite before, I would suggest that you do as the variety of what they have on offer is wonderful. There truly is something to suit every type of teen and their mum! Their graduation invitation party templates are super easy to use and one of the things that set them aside from other providers is the level that you can customise your card. Every element and every colour can be changed to suit just what you want. You need never feel limited again, you can make your announcement/ invitation design dreams come true in just minutes and see the finished design right there on the screen. Or even order a single sample to see just how your card would look before you commit to the full order. Good, right?

I have to admit that this Brit is being educated by Basic Invite too. Have you ever heard of a trunk party? I hadn't but this is certainly an idea I'll be saving for two years time when JJ heads off to university. You invite your guests to bring items that your child can fill their trunk with and take away to college/ university with them. It's fabulous!

I'm super glad to have found Basic Invite and I know I'll have some fun designing future graduation invitations, after all, I have three children who'll all graduate within the next few years.

If you have a son or daughter graduating this year, well done Mama, you did good! They made it to this stage and I'm sure will be a credit to you at the next.

All the best, Mich x

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