Tuesday 1 January 2019

Why would people do this to their bank cards?

A new web phenomenon is becoming more and more widespread throughout the UK. People are redecorating their bank cards and doing so for their friends and family. Here’s why:

1. It’s super fun 
Bank cards always look so plain and boring, so we were quite happy to see more and more people redefining what a bank card should look like. This is happening all across the web: on Facebook, Twitter and even on personal blogs.

2. It helps people remember how to win their money back 
Recently, people from all across the UK who shop online have started winning their money back, and many are doing so using the popular Boom25 site. It’s as simple as that: once you register on the Boom25 site and shop online, even if you booked a £5,239 holiday you might win ALL your money back if you are the 25th customer in line. Every 25th order wins. When people decorate their bank cards it helps them remember to use Boom25 before they shop. Here is one of the designs someone made:

3. There are over 250,000 people doing the same 
"When so many people are doing the same it’s like an avalanche. They feel like they are a part of something” says Amy Reinheart from Manchester. “With the high cost of living we experience, many have no choice but start winning their money back”. They are not alone. It is amazing to see that over 250,000 people across the country are joining in for one cause: saving money and winning it back when they shop online. See them here!

5. Because no one needs to see your bank card anymore
Shopping online has become so popular that when you think of it, no one really has to see your bank card anymore. Our mobile phones and PCs simply remember our bank card details for us, and we can shop from the comfort of our living room. Bank cards are really just a piece of plastic.

6. You can join them too 
It seems that this Christmas people are going to continue designing their bank cards. This Phenomenon is growing increasingly, together with the number of winners. You can try it here.

I'm happy to bring you this guest post today, as whilst I won't be decorating my bank or credit card in a hurry, I have been using Boom25 since I learn about it a couple of months back. I just love the idea of winning back my full purchase price, just by clicking through from the Boom25 site. Why not join the Facebook group to learn more and then get online to Boom25 and get lucky!

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