Thursday 4 October 2018

JJ's Birthday, Family Visit and Taking Time #R2BC

Happy Thursday friends. Today is my baby boys birthday and he turns 15, I can hardly believe how quick times goes by. I'm so pleased to say that I still really like him and enjoy spending time with him. I don't think he's your average 15 year old (if there is such a thing) as he is mostly found at home and thankfully not getting into all the mischief I was at his age.

He still agrees to come out for a coffee with me and if I ask him for help, he is generally there, so I count myself lucky. But of course I still get that bit of teenage attitude at times, although I think his Dad does more than me. I'm so grateful that I'm here when he returns from school as those are the times he wants to chat to me.

I'm excited to see what his future holds, he is a really bright kid and I hope he keeps applying his intellect and doing well at school, so he can have the best opportunities open to him when he decides what he will go on to do as a career. Happy birthday my boy, we love you.

I mentioned last week that my parents and Aunt were staying for a week and that was fab, they were able to help me when I felt ill, they had the girls to stay whilst my husband and I took JJ out for his birthday meal and cinema, we had lots of meals out together and had a visit to Batemans, where I got a rare photo of me with both parents.

I headed up to London Saturday to meet two friends that I met at Uni. This means we've now known each other for 26 years and grown up together really. It was a superb few hours with great conversation and excellent food. It was worth every minute of the 3.5 hour round journey!

It's been a good week generally, I've been volunteering on reception, I'm heading off on a parenting course in a minute that I might help with in the future, I've got some of my house cleaned and I've had some nice time to myself.

I hope you're week has been a good one too. Why not join us and share what is making you cheery and grateful this week?

I'm joining up with Becky at Lakes Single Mum for Reasons to be Cheerful, she'll be hosting the linky for all of October and then it will be back here in November.
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