Monday 22 October 2018

A Simple Autumnal Walk Around Our Home

When we first moved to East Sussex over five years ago I used to share lots of pictures taken around the grounds of our home but I realise I haven't for quite some time now, So I need to rectify this.

You may know that I'm lucky enough to live within the 220 acre grounds of the Christian Conference Centre that my husband works at. This means we have access to large lawned areas, three lakes, loads of forest, a stream, lake swimming, a low ropes course and so much more. And all of this 365 days a year.

The other weekend Miss E and I took a Sunday afternoon walk together as she wanted to find some conkers. It turned out we were a bit late in the season as there weren't that many about but we did well for sweet chestnuts.

It was a lovely 90 minutes spent with Miss E, isn't it fab to spend one on one time with your kids?

Loving the cloud reflections in the next picture.

She's all about the trees and branches. She loves to climb, walk on tree stumps, collect branches, play with sticks - you name it!

 We have a cross at the top of a big hill and Miss E always chooses to run up and down the hill.

Here's some of our sweet chestnut bounty that we collected.

That is the main conference centre in the background. It looks a bit odd nowadays as it lost the top two floors after the war due to damage from a falling plane.

We have a massive flock of Canada geese and often a couple of swans too.

This is one of the fountains on-site, out the front of the Orangery tea room with views onto the West Lawn.

This one wasn't taken Sunday afternoon, this is a morning shot but I couldn't resist including it as the light is so gorgeous. This is the view from the opposite end of the West Lawn, up towards the Orangery with the parish church on the left.

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