Sunday 5 November 2017

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Teenage Boys - 12 Great Ideas

Personally I always find girls so much easier to buy for than boys and if you were to ask my 14 year old son what he'd like for Christmas, do you know the answer you'd get? Money. That's all. Everything he wants costs hundreds and hundreds so what he wants is money to put towards his next big purchase and for him right now, that's a gaming PC. He already has a laptop, iPad and phone but apparently none of those are quite up to the job and he needs more ram and a better CPU!

Whilst he will get some money from us for Christmas, I do feel he also needs a few different things to encourage him off of his tech! I like him to have at least a couple of presents to open and then he won't feel totally left out.

So here are 12 ideas of what to buy a teenage boy this Christmas -

Young driver course
I'm keen on giving anything that gets my son away from his tech, so this young driver course is just perfect. There is the option of a 30 minute or 60 minute taster lesson and you can attend at one of 60 centres across the UK. If you live close by and your child enjoys it they can then book more lessons and build on their skills ready for when they are 17 and can get their provisional license and do it for real. It is £34.95 for 30 minutes or £64.95 for a full hour but I've seen cut price deals on Groupon a few times. So have a google and see what you can find.

Derwent Pencil Wrap Set
My son is keen to colour, he finds it therapeutic and it really satisfies his need for things to look perfect. He is happy to sit there and intricately colour an adult colouring book with the most minute details. However he has been moaning recently that he doesn't have any nice colouring pencils. Well I think he'll be super happy to see this gorgeous 24 pencil wrap from the world leading British artists' brand Derwent.

The canvas and leather wrap is very stylish and a great colour for a young guy to feel happy to carry with him. The wrap is available with 24 pencils from any one of the four Derwent pencil ranges - Procolour, Watercolour, Inktense or Coloursoft and there are an additional 6 slots for your drawing pencils or fineliners. This quality wrap retails for £44.99.

Polychrome Light
No teen wants boring lighting in their room but they do like things to look modern and stylish. This Polychrome light is brilliant as it is touch sensitive to turn it on and off and it changes colour to suit your mood. It can intermittently change colour or you can pause it on your favourite colour. How fab would this be at a party? Or I have a sneaky suspicion my son might take it camping with him.

It can be charged by a USB or if you prefer it takes 3 AA batteries. The light is lightweight and easy to move about and as it is made of plastic there are no worries about it getting broken. You can buy it from and it retails for £21.99.

Leather Levi belt
Most teenage boys likes to look stylish and keep up with the latest trends, and even boys like my son who are much more gamer geeks want to be comfy, so how about a smart Levi leather belt for a gift? I went for the Levi Duncan belt as it is timeless and will last for years but there is a massive selection on Mainline Menswear if you fancy something a little more edgy

Justice League - Gillette Flexball Justice League Gift Set
Of course every teenage boy is going to get to the point where he has to start shaving and some reach this milestone sooner than others. So why not get them a Gillette gift pack this Christmas so they are ready with a stylish razor for when the time comes? The new Gillette partnership with the Justice League means there are loads of gift packs around this year that any teen boy would happily receive. This one has a Fusion ProGlide razor, three spare heads and a 75ml shaving gel sells for £19.99 and can be bought from places like Boots, Superdrug and the big supermarkets. 

Tough Max Torch
Here's a great gift for your teens stocking (if they still have one - mine won't give his up!) The Tough Max Torch is durable and resilient and its 14 times brighter than other torches on the market. It has a zooming focus so you can have a wide, room-flooding light, or a narrow, concentrated spotlight for close-up tactical work.

Extremely versatile, the Tough Max Torch has five essential beam modes: ‘High’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Low’ to control brightness, plus a strobe light mode, and an ‘S.O.S’ Morse-code flashing signal in case of emergencies. Powerful and almost indestructible the Tough Max Torch is the perfect flashlight. As someone who loves to camp and also being a police cadet this will come in very useful for my son. The Tough Max Torch is available from for £19.99.

Berghaus Touch Screen Gloves
Talking to friends with teens it seems to be a trend that boys are not that  great at wearing a coat when it is cold and they certainly don't want to put their phones away whatever the weather. With this in mind I think it is worth investing in some good touch screen gloves, like these ones from Berghaus. That way JJ can still be using his phone whilst he waits for the school bus but I'll be happy that he is not completely freezing in just his school blazer and bare hands!

There is a great selection of men's accessories on Millets and plenty of gloves and hats to choose from to keep your teen warm and importantly (in their eyes) looking on trend. Available in two sizes these gloves are of Polartec construction with double thickness cuffs for warmth and those all important conductive fingertips so that phones, ipads, MP3 players and laptops can all be used whilst your fingers stay warm. These gloves are currently on special at £21.00, which is a great price for something you know will last years as Berghaus is a name you can really trust.

Born Free - Adopt an Animal
Why not give a gift that keeps on giving? You might not expect to see a cuddly toy as part of a teen boys gift guide but let me tell you my son still adores his teds and whilst they don't go to bed every night with him anymore, he won't even consider getting rid of any of them. Born Free do some lovely soft toys, as you can see in the picture but they also do a £2.50 a month adopt an animal subscription and there are loads of animals to choose from. You'd receive a cuddly toy, an adoption pack with notebook, folder and loads of information and adoption magazine with regular updates.

Aura Drone with Glove Controller 
I think any teen is going to love this new drone, which offers a fusion of fantasy and reality using patented Gesturebotics Technology. Embedded in a unique wearable Glove Controller, Gesturebotics technology allows the user precise control, making indoor Drone flight easier than ever before! Users simply put on the Gesturebotics Glove Controller and Aura is at your command! You can make the drone do whatever you wish by movements of your hand, just take a look at the video below.

The Aura Drone from KD Interactive is available at many big stores like John Lewis, where it is selling for £99.99 currently. I'm looking forward to giving this to JJ on Christmas Day and letting him figure out for himself how to set it up and use it, that will be at least another couple of hours away from his PC!

AURA - Glove controller & Drone from KD Group on Vimeo.

Batman Desenio Poster for their Wall
My son has this poster on his wall and he loves it. In fact every person that sees it in his room comments on how cool it is. There is an abundance of great art at Desenio and it is all really affordable too. JJ has this poster in 8 x 12" size and this is currently selling for £5.95 for the poster and £8.95 for the wooden frame.

iFit activity tracker
If you are concerned about your teen being too sedentary then an activity tracker is probably a sound buy for Christmas. We reviewed the iFit activity tracker back in March this year and I really like it as it is slimline and a stylish black with bright blue inside. It retails for £99 and is very easy to set up, sync and use on a daily basis.

The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare
Another way I like to get my teen away from his tech is with a good book. The Mortal Instruments (Shadowhunters) series of books is excellent for those who have enjoyed The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. The Book People have all six available for the bargain price of £9.99 at the moment and that is an absolute snip.

The series starts with City of Bones, a novel that introduces the heroine, 16-year-old Clary Fray, and explains how she's starting to see things she shouldn't - including vampires in Brooklyn and werewolves in Manhattan. After witnessing a horrific incident, Clary finds herself drawn to the Shadowhunters, a secret group who are determined to rid New York's underworld - and the rest of the world - of demons. Full of mystery, intrigue and betrayal, Clary also finds herself falling for someone she shouldn't...

So what do you think? Have you seen something that you might like to buy for the teenage boy in your life? Do leave a comment if you have any other fab suggestions to share with us all. Thanks, Mich x

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Disclosure: Some of the items shared in this post have been sent to me free of charge, either for review or for inclusion in this gift guide. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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