Monday 18 September 2017

Without Me...

Funny picture of me and my kids
  • The kids wouldn't get up, ready and out on time each morning for school
  • They'd have to walk the 5 miles to school along the main road with no paths
  • No homework would get done
  • There would to no holidays organised or enjoyed
  • Planned family day trips would be sparse
  • Christmas and birthdays would pass by unnoticed
  • No-one would receive a thank you, how are you or greeting card
  • Family members would never get visited
  • The bills wouldn't get paid
  • All the insurances would lapse
  • The mail, household paperwork and forms from school would create an impressive stack
  • The car would cease to a halt or cause an accident through lack of maintenance
  • The family wouldn't have home-cooked meals all together at the table
  • In fact, there might not be any food in the house, as the order might get forgotten
  • School lunch bookings and payments would be forgotten
  • The house would be in disarray, things wouldn't get tided away until weeks later and the dust would build
  • Everyone would have to dress from the laundry pile
  • The kids would look quite humorous in clothes and shoes a couple of sizes too small, as nothing new has been bought
  • The items to go to the charity shop or dump would build up and up
  • All the regular dentist, doctors and eye checks would be forgotten
  • Everyone would look like a shaggy dog without any haircuts
  • Various charities would be one volunteer down  
  • My blogs would fester, unloved

Basically, our family wouldn't function too well but I haven't written this to have a dig at anybody. My husband and I have moved to quite defined roles since we moved to East Sussex, its very traditional nowadays, he earns the family money (amongst other things) and I look after the kids and our home. However, if I wasn't around, he's a very capable man and he'd do it all.

I'm very thankful that I am able to be around whenever the children or my husband need me. I used to feel so compromised when I worked out of the home and couldn't always make assemblies or open afternoons at school.

No, the reason I wrote this list is to remind ME of all the things I do, of the value I have to our family, of the input I make. All my life I have based my value on my earnings, outcomes and job title. Now I am Mum, who volunteers and earns under £5K a year, it doesn't sound so impressive.

But when I sat down and really thought it through. This is enough. I work a lot of hours each day keeping the house running, the family functioning and ensuring that the place where we all live is a home and not just a shell. And I enjoy it, yes on the one hand I'd love to have a paid job again, to gain that satisfaction of working and achieving goals and making a difference.

However, the kids are now nearly 14, 10 and 10 and their childhood is whizzing past so I must enjoy this blessing of being able to be here. I still have another 30 odd years to work if I so wish. I have no idea where God will lead me in the future but He has wonderful plans for me and I just need to wait on Him and trust that right now is a season for being home and mothering my family.

Thank you Jesus for revealing this to me and helping me to be content right where I am. I hope you are content where you are too and if not, then maybe it is time to make some changes?

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