Friday 1 September 2017

My 10 Year Old Twins Dream Holiday

Rainbow Falls, Hawaii Image, thanks to Shutterstock

When Travel Republic challenged me to speak to my children and find out what their ideal holiday was, I knew this would be fun. Miss M is forever playing travel agents and she gets us to answer a little questionnaire she has typed up on my computer and once she knows all our requirements for the holiday she loves going off and finding the best deals she can to fit those requirements. It's one thing that I always indulge her with as I realise she is developing valuable research skills that will serve her well as she gets older.

I'm sure when I was a child if you asked me about what the best kids holiday would be, I'd have probably said to go to America to Disney World or I might even have just said somewhere like Butlins in the UK. I never went abroad until I was a teenager and my awareness of all the amazing holidays out there wasn't very vast.

Of course, it is a different story nowadays. Whilst my children haven't travelled far and wide they have known me to travel to Ethiopia, Washington D.C. and Belarus in recent years and of course friends and family go to so many amazing places. They have a friend on safari in South Africa as I type and we live in an international community amongst people from 33 nations. So any time we fancy travelling we have some amazing contacts in countries like Kazakhstan, South Korea and Brazil. These weren't the countries they chose though, I'll hand you over to the girls.

Miss M - What is your budget for the holiday?
Miss E - I don't know. Mummy, how much can we have?
Me - Go big, have £10,000

Miss M - How long would you like to go for?
Miss E - At least two weeks, maybe four

Miss M - Who is going on our holiday?
Miss E - All our family
Miss M - No, lets leave JJ at home and just go with Mum and Dad
Miss E - OK, he can go to Nanny's!

Miss M - When shall we go?
Miss E - Let's go now. No school, yippie!

Miss M - How do you want to travel?
Miss E - We have to fly, I love flying. Especially when it is bumpy!

Miss M - Where do you want to go?
Miss E - I think we should go 5* in Hawaii. Let's have a big hotel on the beach and have spa treatments
Miss M - Ahh but what about New York? I want to go to New York and go shopping.
Me - Why don't you do a two resort holiday? New York for the city break and then Hawaii for the beach
Both girls - YES!

Miss M - What activities do you want to do on holiday?
Miss E - I want to swim in clear water, go snorkeling and see all the fish and coral. Oh and I want a massage and my nails done too
Miss M - I want to shop in the big New York shops, like Barneys and Saks

With that conversation in mind, I sent Miss M off with my laptop (and Miss E looking over her shoulder) to research their perfect holiday. Then together we created this mood board and this is what they will get up to on their perfect 10 year old twin girls holiday (with Mum and Dad in tow!).

Thanks to my friends Helen and Cass for the images
So in New York apparently they will shop until they drop. Go to a nail bar and have a DIY make-over night in their swanky hotel room, get the biggest burger ever made, ride in a limo, visit the Empire State Building, walk through Central Park and ride a boat by the Statue of Liberty.

Images, thanks to Shutterstock

In Hawaii, the girls will stay in a beachfront hotel room, have massages, play in the sea, relax in the sun, go surfing on the famous Waikiki beach, snorkel and see all the colourful fish, coral and turtles, visit a waterfall and volcano and just generally relax with lots of food and plenty of fruity mocktails.

I must say I think my girls did a wonderful job and if I had a spare £10,000 I would definitely take all the family on this two week holiday of a lifetime.

Disclosure: I was invited to take part in a blogger challenge by Travel Republic
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