Thursday 23 March 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful - Happy Mothering Sunday #R2BC

Lucky me, the girls made me breakfast in bed

Happy Thursday friends,

How are you doing? I'm having a funny old week. there is nothing particularity wrong but I've had that horrible feeling that sometimes crops up. Do you know what I mean? Where you just feel something isn't right and is a bit off-kilter but you've no real idea what is causing the way you feel. No matter, I'm going to press through it and not give in to the doldrums.

This coming Sunday
This week's #R2BC post is all about celebrating Mothering Sunday. Firstly I am really looking forward to this weekend when I'm away in London with my Mum. Just the two of us for around 36 hours doing whatever we feel like doing. We are staying at the 4 star Mercure Kensington hotel and planning to hit the theatre, shops and at least a couple of good restaurants. To be truthful whatever we do will be fine by me as we always have a lovely time in each others company and this breakaway is long overdue.

The last time we had a weekend in London together was in 2014 as we planned one in 2015 but my Dad got taken to hospital and we had to cancel. Then in 2016, we had a weekend away with my girls to a Haven caravan park, which was nice but nothing beats time just the two of us in 'the big smoke' as my Mum would say!

Last Sunday
As I am away with Mum on actual Mothers Day my girls were a bit put out, mostly Miss M as she has been making things and buying presents since January. So we agreed to have a proxy Mothers Day for our family. Last Sunday I awoke to the girls having made me a bacon sandwich and cup of tea and then I received in the region of 20 gifts from them. Some had been made and others bought with their precious little pocket money. I even had a gift hunt around our house with little arrows pointing me in the right direction. JJ tells me I'll get a card (if I'm lucky) this Sunday. Oh, the difference between boys and girls!

We then headed out to the beautiful Petworth House, a fab National Trust site and enjoyed looking around the stately home, seeking out deer in the 700 acres and we had a super meal on the way home.

Whatever you are getting up to this weekend, I hope you have a fab one and a very happy Mothering Sunday to you.

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