Sunday 26 March 2017

Making my Mind Up & Working on Forgiveness #SlimmingSunday

Clocking up some steps last weekend with all my family at National Trust, Petworth House

Morning friends,

How are you today? Well I hope. If you are a Mum I wish you a very happy Mothers Day but remember it is just another day and if it doesn't turn out as you hoped it doesn't mean that your kids love you any less. There can be far too much pressure for perfection on days like this.

So on with the matter in hand - slimming! Or perhaps in my case a lack of slimming, I'm really not sure, as for my sanity it feels as if I'm better not stepping on the scales right now. As you know I didn't make it to my Slimming World group last week and yesterday I was away in London with my Mum (I still am) so I should have gone to the Tuesday afternoon group but that would of meant running in getting weighed and running out before the kids got home from their after school club and I found myself umming and aching about whether I really need/want to go to a slimming group at the moment. I'd have had to pay £10 for that quick weight in (two weeks fees) and I felt as if I'd get nothing for it.

For sure, I know that I want and need to lose weight but I think being accountable by this linky and through a Facebook group I have with some slimming friends I actually get the support I need. I really love the consultant at the Slimming World group I've been attending but all her classes are so busy that you don't really get to have a conversation with her and Saturday mornings just seem to fill up with kids activities and holidays. I do really like the short talk that she does each week but it always seems to start late as so many people arrive late to weigh in and then the image therapy (or people sharing their tips / successes) doesn't really inspire me too much. Maybe I've been around the Slimming circuit for too long and actually know most of the tips, I just need to put them into action?

So I need to make a decision about whether I'll go to group next Saturday or whether I'm bailing out for a bit. It will cost me £15 next Saturday (as the fees keep mounting up if you miss classes) and its money I can't really afford unless I'm getting something back. I am still torn though as I know those who attend group tend to do better with their weight loss long term.

However, I'm not just being ignorant to my health and eating what I like. I'm still being conscious of the food I eat but yes I am enjoying some treats, like a night out with friends for Hungarian langos and a slice of cake with my hubby. I'm away this weekend with my Mum and we go away next Sunday for a week and then of course the kids are off school so these are not easy times to be Slimming but then life generally isn't easy for me when it comes to Slimming, so I can't keep putting it off.

I'm doing a course at church at the moment, called Living Free and I am finding it so helpful but it isn't particularly easy as it is all about examining the things that stop me feeling fully free to be who God made me to be. This past week I've spent a few hours writing letters to people who have hurt me in my past so that I can practise forgiveness and get rid of any bitterness or ties to wrong thinking and I think, to be honest that I don't have enough head space to be doing all this introspection as well as cutting out the foods I love.

I pray that as I work through this course and have a freedom interview at the end that I'll break the ties to food and be able to start making really good choices for my food. I know this won't necessarily make sense to non-Christians as I've had people say to me before that I need to take 100% control and leave God out of it but as a Christian I believe God has to be at the centre of it and I have to surrender my issues to Him so we can deal with them together.

Of course that doesn't mean I can just relax and do nothing, I have to do the footwork and take the hard steps myself. It's a journey I'm on, I know that and as long as I feel I'm making progress then I'm happy and the work I have done on forgiveness and letting go of past hurts this week has been a definite leap forward.

But how have you done? Did you reach your personal targets for the week?  I'd love to read about your week, so link up with me and Mrs Shilts for Slimming Sunday please.

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I can't wait to read your post. Have a fabulous week, Mich x

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