Tuesday 15 November 2016

Rediscovering Netflix

I have a little confession to make - Netflix has been sitting there unloved for a few months. I went off and had a little love affair with another on-demand TV provider and shhh, don't tell Netflix but I liked it.

This other service seduced me with more variety, newer films and shows my kids love but then.... it went and started to change things. The kids channels were no longer included and the price of having variety was nearly £20 a month so I let them go and here I am, back with my first love Netflix and rediscovering all it has to offer me for less than half the price.

Here a few recommendations of shows/ films my family are loving right now -

White Collar - I adore this box set so much. I am on season 4 now and the plot just gets better and better. Of course it helps a lot that the eye candy is so good and I'm not sure about you but I find it so easy to fall in love with TV characters, Matt Bomer who plays Neal Caffery is just divine (but also gay in real life!).

Happy Valley - This BBC drama series has been recommended to me and I am looking forward to starting it this week. Staring Sarah Lancashire as a police Sergeant it is billed to be a gritty crime drama, full of suspense.

The African Doctor - I've not watched this film yet but as soon as I saw it arrive on Netflix I added it to my list. It looks a really interesting watch, not necessarily light viewing but something to get your head around.

Big Mommas House 1 & 2 - My 13 year old and I both love these films. They are the kind of comedy you can watch time and time again. Such a lot of fun.

Richie Rich - The girls have just discovered this Netflix original box set and are really enjoying it. Richie is a lovable character that the can imagine being friends with and Miss M particularly is in awe of all his money and gadgets.

A Royal Christmas - I've lined this film up as a good girlie watch for this weekend. My girls love a modern day twist on a fairy tale and this seems to fit that bill. The girls love the film Mean Girls and that is where they first discovered Lacey Chabert the star of this move.

Disclaimer: I used to be a Netflix ambassador but I've not been for a while now and there is no obligation for me to write any posts for them but genuinely I am rediscovering again just how good Netflix can be especially when you can buy it for as little as £5.99 per month.

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