Thursday 15 September 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful - Parents, Nights Out and Snuggles

Happy Thursday friends, how are you? I'm feeling good and it's always a pleasure to be hosting R2BC and getting to read all your cheery posts too.This has been a good week for me as my parents have been here to stay and this means that the kids and I have got to spend lots of quality time with them and it also means I've had willing and able babysitters. Total win:win situation!

I know some of you like my cheery list posts, so that is what I'm sharing this week
  1. My parents have been here visiting and we've all got to spend some nice time with them
  2. They had the girls on Friday night and dh and I took JJ out for his first Indian meal and we had such fun. It had been a busy day at work for dh and JJ managed to make us both roar with laughter
  3. Then Saturday night they had all our kids and dh and I had the most gorgeous Turkish BBQ meal followed by watching Bad Moms at the cinema. Another fab night and Bad Moms is worth a view, even though it was a bit close to the mark at times 
  4. Dh did his first shift on children's church last Sunday and he really enjoyed himself, which was fab. It was easy to see his skill with kids who need a bit of extra care, he really got one boy out of himself
  5. The kids got to have a good swim with Grandad and we enjoyed a Toby carvery afterwards
  6. I'm all up to date with my blogging obligations and emails
  7. I enjoyed my interview on Monday and now I am avidly waiting to hear if the lady would like to employ me. I'm sure I could do a good job and I think we would get on
  8. Miss M has been poorly, which is not at all a reason to be cheerful but it has meant lovely snuggles and a forced house-arrest and as such I've got on top of many little jobs
  9. We had a nice afternoon drive out to Sissinghurst Castle Gardens with my Mum at the weekend and I enjoyed dusting off my macro filter and taking some beautiful photographs
  10. This weekend I am off to London to see one of my best friends, that I haven't seen since the day after my wedding back in 2002 (as she lives in NZ). There will be 5 of us, all old Uni friends from the early 1990's and it will be blast from the past. I suspect it will fill my #R2BC post for the week after!

Over to you, why not join us?
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Wishing you a fabulous week and I look forward to reading your posts. Mich x

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