Friday 2 September 2016

Making the most of the Great Outdoors

My little girls love to be outdoors, it is a real challenge to keep them in. As many of you will know we live in an amazing place with 220 acres of land including three lakes, so we have an abundance of space but sadly we don't have a private garden by our house. So no trampoline or garden equipment for the girls but they make the most of the beautiful courtyard that is outside our door and having a shared space means they can always play with our little neighbours.

As the girls get bigger they want to go further afield and escape the courtyard, so often their older brother or my husband and I will head out with them to explore the wider landscape. Both girls have been sent some Superfit GORE-TEX trainers to trial out and have fun in and you'll see from these pictures, they are certainly having fun and putting the shoes through their paces. I'm pleased to report that they are doing really well, the girls say the shoes are comfy, easy to put on and they keep their feet dry and sweet free.

Fun in our Courtyard
Miss E is our champion pogo jumper. The rest of us don't seem to have the balance like she does sadly. I constantly hear this bang, bang, bang from outside the front door and I know what she is up to!

Swimming in the Lake

Going for a Photo and Nature Walk

Having a Run round the Lake
The girls have just reached a stage where they have decided it is pretty cool having a twin again, so they are making the most of being a twin and enjoying dressing alike and having fun together. They do both enjoy exercising and often go running round our lake and stopping at various points (like Mummy does when I am with them) to do some lunges, squats, star jumps or press ups.

Create a Sports Club
Since we moved to the countryside three years ago this is something the kids all do at least once a week. I have to come outside with my clipboard and timer and set some tasks for them to do an then record the results. Sometimes we use equipment like balls, cones, hoops and skipping ropes and other times it is just a case of cartwheels, headstands, stretches and things like press-ups.

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