Tuesday 1 July 2014

I like being Mum

It is all too easy to get wound-up by the little things. Yesterday JJ sat at the kitchen table once he arrived home from school and he was delighted that his Beano comic had arrived in the post.  He ripped the cover off quickly and sat there having his snack and avidly devouring his weekly dose of old-skool humour.

After about 15 minutes he headed upstairs to get changed and I suspect turn his laptop on for a short play before swimming lessons. As I turned round I noticed on the table the wrappings from his Beano and I tutted to myself and wondered why it was beyond his grasp to just throw it in the bin a few steps behind him.

I then had a choice - I could call up the stairs and ask him to come back and do it or I could just be loving and throw it away. I choose to just bin it, as in that moment I remembered how much I like being the one who is relied upon and needed to do these things. This is just part of being Mum, tidying the little things after the kids.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a mug. My kids are generally very good at pulling their weight, especially if I ask them to help out, in fact I’m really quite pleased that at practically 11 years old I don’t get any lip from JJ when I ask him to set the table or do the recycling.

This small thing did set me thinking about how much I like being Mum and what being Mum means to me. I fully believe it is different for everyone and that there is no wrong or right, only your wrong or right. As Mum I cook the bulk of the meals, do the washing, keep the house clean and tidy, put the plasters on the grazed knees, sort out the school clubs, do the shopping and generally keep things running for our family on a day to day basis and I feel immensely happy to be able to do that.

This time last year I had just given up my well-respected job and I did not know what the future held for me. There have been a fewwobbles in the last year as I have realised the enormity and changes that come with moving from being a work out of the house mum to a stay at home mum who volunteers and does a bit of paid work on the side.

I have to admit that I’m happier now, I can go for a long walk if I want to. I can read a book if I so desire, I can go to an exercise class in the day time and I can take a midday bath if that is what I fancy. I have boundaries and mostly they are school hours but within those I am my own boss and I have found that I have grown in humility, serenity and thankfulness since our life changing move last July.

Thank you Jesus, that you have given me this time to just be and to allow me to rest and restore ready for the great adventure that I feel you have next in store for our family.

I’m listening and I’m ready. Call me when the time is right, your time.

Mich x
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