Tuesday 24 June 2014

I love to live by the sea

After the busy weekend that was BritMums Live I felt the urge to spend time with my family and to just kick back and relax. Due to the lovely weather I suggested a stroll along the prom and maybe a play in the park. Not content with that the kids wanted to go in the sea and do some rock pooling on the beach so we headed to Bexhill-on-Sea which is about 7 miles from us.

I have to be honest and say I have fallen in love with Bexhill and the East Sussex coastline in general really. I always thought I was a sandy beach girl and Bournemouth has reigned supreme for years but I'm being turned.  There is a lot to be said for a stony beach and if you go along at the right time tide-wise you can still dig the sand and make castles.  I have discovered you just need to make sure you have the right footwear on so you can climb the stones without it being the most painful thing.

After church and lunch with all the staff we did not get to the beach until gone 3pm but the sun was still beautiful and bright. What a surprise to find that we could park easily and that there was loads of room on the beach. I suppose I have become more used to commercial seaside resorts and have not had the joy before of having loads of room to run and play with the kids. Although if I'm honest dh did more of the running and playing and I took the photos and delighted in watching them have a great time. Next time I'll be more organised and take my water shoes and cossie.

I love that the kids can all do their own thing at the beach, Miss E was very content to dig the sand, wash shells and find a baby crab -

Whereas my two loonies wanted to jump waves and experience the thrill of the beach. They kept giving me a heart attack by going out too far, luckily it was all shallow for a very long way but you just never know with the sea, it is unpredictable!

So I sent Daddy in to chase them back ashore again!

I don't have a particular reason for adding in this next picture, I just liked it -

Once everyone had cleaned up and changed into day clothes we headed into the town and ate our tea of sausage and chips on the grass by the beautiful De La Warr pavilion, watching all the sailing ships out at sea and again dh played running games with the kids. I'm proud to say they could not catch him often to make him IT!
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