Wednesday 11 June 2014

How things change over time.... JJ's School Days

I've been thinking about starting school and how significant it is as next year JJ will move up to secondary education and have to start a new school. It's not long until September when we will start looking around the local schools and making decisions of where he might go. Scary stuff! At the moment he is just saying he wants to go to our most local one as there is a bus that goes straight there from the end of the back road, but truth be told I'm a little nervous he might prefer one of the others when we look around and I can't say I fancy him being at school 20 miles away when he is just 12. My boy is growing up!

It does not feel like that long ago that he was starting primary school. Where do the years go? I was trying to recall his first day and I'm ashamed to say I was not having a lot of success. I think that might have been due to the fact that he started in Sept 2007 when his twin sisters were just a couple of months old and my head was a little fuzzy due to lack of sleep!

First day back in September 2007.  I'm not sure Miss M is as pleased as JJ about him starting school!

JJ took to school like a duck to water, when he wasn't there it was all he talked about and at home time he never really wanted to leave. He would grab the last few moments on the play equipment or run off to greet a friend in the distance and I would be left like an old fish wife shouting JJ!

When I was tidying out the other day I came across all the kids early school reports and as I read what the teachers had to say about JJ it was like reading about a different child. This boy who was intelligent beyond his years but had little spaciall awareness and no empathy for his peers. I was taken back to all the times I had to go in and talk to his teachers as he had hurt someone without meaning to. I recall there was one time when him and another lad collided on the playground, no-ones fault but because JJ was a good head taller than all the other kids he just got a bruise and poor kids front teeth got knocked out! It is not always easy being a parent, so many times I felt guilty for the behaviour of my over zealous little man. Never did he mean to hurt anyone but that does not make it any easier.

It is a different story now, JJ just seemed to grow into his own skin. He still has moments of being over enthusiastic but he does not step on anyone any more as he crosses the carpet and he remembers to say sorry if necessary. It makes such a difference and it eases my worries as a parent.

I'm so pleased to say that things can change, not everything though mind you. I'll tell you one thing that has not really changed at all - JJ's ability to wreck his school uniform! I just don't know how he manages it, his white polo shirts always manage to get stained and end up looking years old when he has only had them a week or so. Whiteboard marker, ketchup, brio, dirt, you name it and some of the stains are so hard to get out, thank the Lord for good value school uniforms and fabulous 150 day guarantees, like Asda has.

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