Saturday 17 May 2014

A year in photos - week 20

It has been a lovely week as my parents have been here to stay and that has made us all super happy.

Last Sunday we headed out to a National Trust property, Batemans and enjoyed the fresh air as we walked around. I captured some nice pictures and I'll share them all in a Batemans post sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Monday was community day at my home. This is where we shut the conference centre to all guests and all 90 or so of us who live and work onsite came together for a full day to fun, food and fellowship. We had a blast! After school the children joined us and they had great fun playing games and decorating cupcakes!

It was lovely on the weekdays to be able to go out with just my Mum and Dad and enjoy some lunch and good conversation with them, we had a particularly nice visit to Bodiam Castle (yes I know, another National Trust property!)

On the morning of heading to Bodiam, my new macro filter kit arrived for my camera, so I was pleased to give this a try and for under £15 for 4 different filters I'm pretty pleased with my first try.

The end of the week was just about catching up and getting all sorts of bits and pieces done.

I hope you have had a fabulous week, Mich x
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