Monday 5 May 2014

A family visit to Cineworld Eastbourne

I’ve always felt there is something magical about watching a film at the cinema, I can escape the real world and head off into my own little bubble and become absorbed. I’ve been going to the cinema for as long as I can remember, I believe my first film was Bambi, a real classic.

My husband is also a fan and before we had children we went to the cinema once or twice a week, every week and both of us are quite happy to go alone too. It feels so decadent to sit in a dimly lit cinema on an afternoon on your own enjoying some popcorn and a diet coke. This was a favourite activity of mine when I was on maternity leave and close to having JJ. How I would love to have owned an Unlimited card and had cinema on tap back in those days.

Things do change as children come along though. Dh and I still make a date to go to the cinema but nowadays it is probably every other month rather than every other day. I’ll be honest with you cinema trips when you have a family can be a bit on the expensive side and spending in excess of £30 for the five of us to see a film which lasts just 90 minutes is not something we can do every week. Our girls have not got to the age where they can sit still and really appreciate a good film yet, so often we wait to see the latest blockbusters when they get shown again as Movies for Juniors.

Our local Cineworld in Eastbourne is a fabulous cinema, there is always a good variety of films to see and Cineword are conscious to try and help families find an affordable solution. If you want to see the latest release then they have family tickets which offer 4 people a discount when they book to see the film together (this must be at least 1 adult, 2 children and then 1 other adult or child). There are also Movies for Juniors on Saturday and Sunday mornings and each ticket is just £1.50 if booked on the day or £1.35 if you book via mycineworld online. I make sure I book all my films beforehand now as that 10% discount soon adds ups and makes a real difference.

If you do book a family ticket you are also entitled to a great deal on your snacks to enjoy with the film, just look -

When we went to see Rio 2 recently the kids each had a munchbox and they absolutely loved them. In the past I've always been that stingy mummy who did not buy snacks in the cinema as I could not bear to part with the money but actually the munchbox is good value at £2.00 for a capri sun, packet of popcorn and packet of Milky Way stars.  JJ particularly commented about how epic it was!

I'll tell you what else is epic, is the fabulous Take 2 promotion and dh and I hoping to take full advantage of this on Thursday. This week we can see Liam Neeson in Non-Stop for just £10 for the two of us and that super price also includes a regular popcorn and 2 smell drinks. You really can't say no to that, can you?

So come on tell me? How do you feel about the cinema? Is it a treat to be relished or a big flop in your books?

Disclosure: I was sent tickets to take the kids to see Rio 2 and try out our local Cineworld Eastbourne, we were very happy with our experience and would recommend it as a cinema venue. I've not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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