Sunday 5 January 2014

My picture: His Words

The rain has kept on coming this week and this has meant we have mostly stayed home. With dh at work all week the kids and I have had a lot of time together, we have crafted, played, cooked and snuggled and in the main it has been great. However they have gone a little stir crazy and it was so nice to get out for a good long walk when the rain broke on Friday.

The girls saw those puddles and the glee shone in their eyes. We agreed to do our walk first and then they could do puddle jumping and get soaked near home before stripping off. I was really struck by how they just jump right in and enjoy themselves, no second thoughts, no worrying about what others think - they just go for it and I was reminded that is what God wants me to do. Listen to Him and then jump right in and go for it - whatever it might be!

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Hop over and visit Suzanne at Nuggets of Gold to see her stunning photo and what words she has matched it up with.

Wishing you a blessed week, Mich x

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