Thursday 23 January 2014

Grace in small things - Meeting friends, smiles and a clean house

A simple post to share where I have seen God working this week, you know the small things that lift you!
  1. Making a little girl smile when I could drop her forgotten flute to school for her
  2. Miss E moving up a reading level and watching her confidence blossom this week. 
  3. I was super happy to have a guest post over on Red Ted Art, so if you fancy checking out my Valentines Bento boxes (for quick-fix mums, nothing too complex) then take a peek
  4. Dh getting better (he has had pneumonia and pleurisy), back to work he goes today
  5. Meeting a fab blogger friend for a coffee and chit-chat today, well overdue
  6. JJ loving his new scouts group, he looks so grown up and we are thrilled he has found such a nurturing and active group
  7. Miss M being so helpful, she really is a delight much of the time
  8. A clean house, it is all done..... how long it says nice who knows but for now, it is good!
Bring on the weekend and some serious down time with my family and I hope we can get out for a fab walk too, there has just been too much rain recently!

Linking up with Reasons to be Cheerful. Hop over and visit Becky if you fancy joining in.

Have a wonderful week, Mich x 

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