Saturday 14 December 2013

Falling in love with nature - Fabulous fungi

This is a post purely for me, as I'd like somewhere to visually record all the wonderful fungi I have found in East Sussex this late summer/ Autumn. It baffles me that I have fallen so in love with nature this year but God speaks through creation and it was obviously time that I opened my eyes and started to rejoice in this awesome earth that He created.

I have no idea what is edible and what is poisonous and to be honest I think it is too much of a gamble to pick mushrooms anyway, so I'll just continue to admire them from afar and love all the different species that I have been finding. If you do know what some of them are then by all means leave me a comment and I'll become more educated alongside enjoying their beauty.

So I think this is the Chicken of the woods and I was amazed at fast it grows!

These appear to be the poisonous Fly Agaric -

No idea about this tan coloured one -

My favourite by a long shot, have you ever seen a fungi look like this? A shaggy ink cap maybe? I believe the one on the left is the same as the other and that is morphs and decomposes pretty quickly.

This could be a Birch Polypore?

I think this next one is such an elegant fungi but again no idea what it is -

All four of these found in a wet area near the lake, all in close proximity but I think they are all different -

And am I right in thinking this is the same mushroom, but just at different stages of its life?

And at the risk of boring anyone looking at this, this is the last one I'll add (although I have tons more, mushrooms really have gripped me this year!)

So there we go, fungi fetish over for a while. I go photograph some clouds instead and now I have my new camera I can get much better photos in the future.
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