Saturday 28 December 2013

19 years ago today...

A guy that I was not that keen on picked me up from a very wet pier that I had just fallen over on.

He then saved me from dancing with a very creepy guy at the nightclub on the pier.

We had our first kiss that night and the rest as they say is history.......

Now here we are 19 years later with three small people to call us Mum and Dad and a life very different to the one we might have imagined all those years ago. I'm happy where we are and what we are doing and I'm happy to be with you.

Love you babe xx

I thought it might be fun to track through the years of photos of the two of us and see how we have changed.

1995 - on holiday

Christmas Party - 1996
1998 - on holiday
1999 - At a party

Our wedding - 2002
2006 - End of year ball

2008 - Family wedding, girls aged 1.5 years and JJ was 5 years
2010 - Another family wedding
2012 - My birthday

Christmas eve - 2013. Very blurry but I love the happy faces!

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