Monday 28 October 2013

Dear so and so, a grrr post!

I used to join in with a linky called Dear So and So hosted over on 3 Bedroom bungalow and I have no idea if it is still going, so I must head over and see. OK I'm back Kat seems to be having quite a long blog break so it is not running there right now but the logic was that you could compile letters to anyone you fancied and get things off your chest.  It was fab and I loved it and today I felt a dear so and so post brewing! Here goes....

Dear Twitter peeps,

You are driving me a bit crazy, I'm hating the #UKstorm hashtag. OK I get it you feel as if the media and the met office overreacted to the storm news and now you keep taking the piss by showing pictures of blown over patio chairs but for goodness sake just shut up. There are two people already confirmed dead because of the storm, hundreds of trees are down, thousands of homes lost power and people have substantial damage to their properties.

So it didn't affect the area you are in, good news. Be grateful and keep quiet!

Disgruntled in 'not affected Surrey'!


Dear Miss E,

What is it with you child? Why do you feel the need to constantly whine? I'm sorry your brother and sister are pests and wind you up but if you just ignored them they would stop! Right, now the wind has gone down lets get out and regain some sanity!

Overwrought Mummy!


People who don't read their emails,

Grr you are making me mad! I need answers as I have other people to get back to. Come on and do us a favour, read and respond, it is really quite simple!

Cheers, Mich

Fellow bloggers,

It is not good form to nick bits of peoples post and then to add the words to you own blog posts on the same subject.  Use your imagination and write your own content please.

Thanks for this basic courtesy, Michelle


Dear Mummy from the Heart readers,

Sorry I am being an old grump today, you know sometimes when you just need to get it off your chest? Normal service will be resumed very soon.

Mich xx

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