Tuesday 9 April 2013

Review: Antler Cyberlite Medium Suitcase

I've never had a quality suitcase before, not before Antler sent me the medium Cyberlite to review and boy it really does make a difference. You can most definitely tell a quality suitcase from a run of the mill one. We used our Cyberlite case to take on holiday with the children for a week and it managed to accommodate the clothes for all three children and it was only the medium size, so that was very impressive.

The cyberlite range comes in a variety of colours - black, purple, red and lime green.  I opted for the classic black as whilst I would have liked to go for another colour I thought my husband would prefer the black if he was ever to travel alone. There are 3 sizes available and they range in price from £125 for the 2 wheel cabin luggage to £149 for the large suitcase. The medium case we received retails at £139 and weighs just 3.1kg for a case that is pretty huge really - 70 x 47 x 30/32 cm.

What did I like about the case? 
  • It really is very lightweight and was easy to lift, both empty and packed completely full of clothes
  • There are 4 sturdy wheels which means that the case can travel in all directions and does so easily.  I've never had a 4 wheel case before and it took very little time to get used to it as it was so smooth
  • There is a lock attached to the case, so no small parts that can be lost. I can set my own 3 number combination and if I was travelling abroad and Customs needed to get into my case there is a nifty TSA lock which they can unlock
  • There is also a name tag attached to the side of the case and it won't get lost
  • The strap inside which holds down the clothes once packed is a good design and clips together very easily
  • There is also a nice mesh pocket inside the lid of the case and we found this great for putting clothes hangers in
  • There are a couple of external pockets of differing sizes which make it easy for carrying the things you need to access easily
  • There is an expandable zip at the front to extend the suitcase by about an extra 2cm, this genuinely made a good difference and I was so surprised how full I could pack the case
  • The carry handle is comfy and easy to lift and pull the case along with

What I wasn't so keen on -
  • Probably the only thing my husband and I were not sure about was the side handle, it is a sort of built in pocket and I expect you would get used to it but it is just very different to what we are used to

The Antler Cyberlite comes with a 10 year warranty and that is far more than I expect, so another plus point.

You can order direct from Antler and delivery is free of charge (for orders over £20) and within 3 working days, they offer a good refund service too if you are not completely satisfied with the product. 

Overall Opinion
We loved this suitcase, it is really lightweight and looks very stylish and classy.  It is practical and easy to move about. It does cost slightly more than we might normally spend but I believe it will stand the test of time and will thus prove itself to be value.

Thank you Antler for sending us this suitcase.

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