Thursday 14 March 2013

Being grateful for every moment

Tonight I am feeling a tad overwhelmed, overwhelmed with gratitude, the kind of way I imagine people might feel when something big has happened in life or they have just received really good news. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened to me recently and that is OK as I am really enjoying the ordinary and being thankful for everyday life.

Last night I went to bible study and we talked about gratitude and what a difference it can make in your life. A friend said she has heard someone talk about 'being in the moment' for a full day and literally praising and thanking God for every little thing as you go through your day. It takes some effort to remember to do that and some might feel a bit foolish to be thankful for waking in the morning, clean running water, the birds singing and all the other things we take for granted but just one full day can change your whole outlook and tomorrow I'm going to do it.  For me I will be thanking God and directing my gratitude to Him, for you it might be different and you might just be being thankful in general. Both ways will work.

How I love this bunch of nutters!

Today I am been feeling immensely grateful to be a parent and not because of the nice and fluffy side of parenting, days like Mohering Sunday or lots of hugs. It is actually the harder parts of parenting that I have been really grateful for as I feel those are the ones that will pay dividends and my tough love in putting Miss M to bed early tonight will pay off when she remembers that there are boundaries and it is not OK to do as you please and not listen to Mum. Also, my tender love with Miss E tonight when she wet the bed and was mortified that it happened, those gentle words and just quietly changing her bed with no fuss will, I hope, help her to be more confident and less embarrassed in the future.

A bit of a different post for Reasons to be Cheerful this week, but then I have always said that this linky is one with no rules and we can all interpret it as we see fit. As long as the post you link up is cheerful/ grateful/ thankful/ positive then it fits the bill!

Clare at Seasider in the City is hosting Reasons to be Cheerful for the next couple of weeks, so pop over and see her and link up and could I pretty please ask you to leave her a comment as the host. Last week I had about 25 posts linked up and only about 8 people left me comments, it does feel a bit disheartening if I'm honest. In real life you would not dash in a persons house and not say hello, or would you?

I'll be over to visit anyone who leaves me a comment and I'll try and stop by a few more as well. I think I managed to get around everyone last week which was good.

Wishing you a fabulous week.  Mich x

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