Tuesday 4 September 2012

The Summer that was.....

It feels like this summer has gone exceptionally fast and while I am now ready for the kids to go back to school (tomorrow morning, yay!) I want to acknowledge just how great it has been.  The children are now at a good age for having fun and once Miss M has grown out of this minxy stage (do we ever think that may happen?) things will be perfect.

So here we go - a post to look back over when I am 60 and I can say to my grandchildren, oh look what I did with your parents when I was 38/39.

This was the summer that -

*  we ventured up North on holiday for the first time and yes the journey was far too long and the kids did bicker and constantly ask 'are we nearly there yet!' but the lodge was divine and we had a great time. Ohh how the girls loved that kiddie disco each night.

*  my girls learnt to shop..... yay, partners in crime established! Most of it was in charity shops and the sales so we were thirfty but Miss M loves trying things on and wanting to pay with her own money.

*  involved lots of time for relaxing with my family and getting a nice tan, well on my top half anyway. The legs are still lilly white! I think I would be hard pushed to try and count the amount of parks I sat in this summer.

*  I got ready for my trip to Ethiopia with ONE. I still have not quite digested the enormity of this trip.

*  We had a super holiday to Bournemouth/ Poole with my parents. Just take a look at the photos, so many good times.....

*  me and the kids listened to lots of cheese in the car ....  and loved it!  Go on, have a listen -

How about you?  Has it been a rocking summer?
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