Thursday 27 September 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful - S is for Simple

This week I am taking #R2BC right back to its origins. Way back when I launched Reasons to be Cheerful in January 2011 (91 weeks ago, yes really, can you believe that Clare?) I did so because I wanted it to be accessible to everyone to join in. For some time before that I had been writing a series of posts titled Grace in small things. They were simple posts were I just took the time to remember the things that lifted me up, those placed where I saw God’s grace working.

This week should be ‘S’ on my alphabet theme and I am using that for Simple, ie:  this week I am keeping my post simple and going back to #R2BC’s roots. Here is a list of some the things that brightened my day yesterday -

1.      A very tasty bagel with butter for breakfast

2.      The rain staying away as we walked to school today

3.      Hearing some very complimentary things from my manager at my appraisal

4.      Finishing the first draft of a big project I am working on at work

5.      The girls doing their homework without fuss

6.      We all enjoyed our spaghetti bolognese that we ate as a family

7.      It was a pleasure to listen in on my conference call with the US in preparation for my trip to Ethiopia next week (yes next week!)

8.      Miss M then asked me if they speak English in America and would I need anyone to help me understand them!  This did have me in absolute stitches as of course there are a few things we say very differently!

9.      Miss M then went to bed like a little angel and this is pretty unusual

10.  I got all my ironing finished, yay!

And there we go, easy done!  That was not hard at all. Why don’t you give it a try too?  When you change to an attitude of gratitude and dump the grumbles you will find that your whole world starts to change.  Not only do you start to feel happier you will also feel more content with your lot in life too and that is not to be underestimated.

Talking of being content, I’ll share a few photos from our family hike last Sunday.  It cost us nothing and we had such a lovely couple of hours together – exercise, fun, chatting, fresh air, blackberry picking – what more could you want?

Over to you, I’m sure you know what to do.  Write yourself a post sharing your reasons to be cheerful, grab the blog hop code from below and then go visit some others in the hop and say hi.

I’m so sorry I did not get to visit people and comment last week.  Time seems to be escaping from me - work, getting ready for Ethiopia and also for Belarus and of course spending some time with my family are all just eating away at my time.

I hope you all have a superb week and are blessed.  Mich x
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