Sunday 23 September 2012

Review - Pink Lining wheelie Case

I'm sure you'll have seen that I'm off to Ethiopia in 2 weeks, yes just 2 weeks now.  Well 13 sleeps to be precise and today I did my trial run packing my suitcase and luggage.  A girl has to be prepared and make sure it fits the 23kg case and 7kg hand luggage quota after all.  I'm pleased to report that both are fine and I feel that one step closer to getting on the plane now.

As I have not flown in quite a few years (well since 2004) I did not have anything suitable to take on as hand luggage really and when I spoke to my Trip Adviser at ONE she told me that a compact case or bag on wheels would be best as that would make life easy when we are moving about.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted and it was Nickie at Typecast that mentioned how she loved her Pink Lining bag which she uses for work.  I know Pink Lining, they are the makers of the most adorable and coveted change bags but as I have not had any babies for quite a few years they are not a company that came straight to mind. After Nickie's mention I decided to take a peek at the website and imagine my surprise when I saw that they actually have a small range of beautiful products for 'on the go'.  The wheelie case was just what I needed so I emailed them to see if they might like to sponsor me a bag to use on my trip and I'm thrilled to say they said yes.

I was like a child the day my bag arrived, I slowly unpacked it and stroked the beautiful fabric and admired the stylish and robust design. Anyone would have thought I was 5 rather than 39 as I wheeled the case around the house practising how it might work for me when I am on my travels. Obviously I have not gone further than my garden yet but the case appears to have good balance and I genuinely am looking forward to using it.

I'll share a few photos that I took today when I was doing my mock packing exercise.

As you can see from the photos the company is called Pink Lining for good reasons, all their products come with a beautiful signature pink lining.  I can honestly say this is a premium quality product, the fabric is cotton canvas that has been coated in EVA laminate (an environmentally friendly, food-safe vinyl that is made without chlorine or plasticizers) and this means the bag can be wiped with a damp cloth.

The handles and shoulder strap are thick and feel really durable. Each of the hooks and loops are metal and very substantial and sturdy.  It all looks as if it is built to last. There is a large pocket on the outside of the bag which will make it easy to get my passport and other essentials out and then inside there is a smaller zip pocket perfect for valuables like jewellery.

I was impressed with how much you can fit into this case and it still be under the 7kg weight limit for my flight.  I was able to pack a spare set of clothes, my toiletries, netbook and charger, phone charger, 2 reading books, sunglasses and some other small bits and bobs like tissues etc. Oh and don't forget the pillow I am taking with me, yes really - I like my comfort!

The cost of this wheelie case is £105.00 so it is not the cheapest on the market but I do fully expect to have the best hand luggage on my flight. I am happy that this presents good value for money as I believe the bag has been built to last and it will still be being used in 20 years time.

Dimensions - 51(L) x 21.5(H) x 29(W) cm and it weighs approximately 2.2kg when empty. The size fits the requirements for cabin/ hand luggage and is makes the bag easy to stow in the overhead locker.

The wheelie case can be bought directly from the Pink Lining website and delivery will be free of charge as it is over £100 or you can buy from John Lewis and some other quality retailers.

I am happy to recommend this wheelie case/ bag.

Style/ Design                    5/5
Practicality                       5/5
Ease of use                       5/5
Ease of order/ delivery     5/5
Price                                 3/5

Update January 12th 2013

I thought it was apt to update this review as I have now given my Pink Lining travel bag a really good trial period.  It has travelled with me to Ethiopia as hand luggage, been checked in the hold for Belarus and taken train journeys to London, Chester and Surrey. I'm pleased to report that my bag looks as good as new, only the wheels have some scratches on them, but how would they not when it has travelled thousands of miles?

The plasticised coating on the bag does the job and there is not even one mark on it. Everywhere I go I get comments about how individual and cute it is. All the zips work really well, the small pocket inside has been appreciated as it keeps small items safe and the larger outer pocket is great for your book, water and travel items as a flight bag.  It is just the right size to use as hand luggage on a plane but you can get a ton in it. It has been used as an overnight bag for two people staying away and comfortably fitted in computer and swim equipment as well as our essentials.

I would have to be honest and say that it is not as sturdy as a small case in terms of the wheels and pulling by the long handle but then it is not designed to be a case, it is a bag which is versatile. You can use the carry strap and carry it over your shoulder or you can pull it along if that is easier.  I have used both options and they both work well and I like the fact that I get the choice.

Having now used this travel bag quite a lot I am happy that the Pink Lining travel bag is a good value for money and would recommend it as a good purchase.

Disclosure: I have been provided with this wheelie case free of charge.  I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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