Friday 28 September 2012

Starting the #WWBack2Best Challenge

Today I am taking on a new challenge. Right now is not an ideal time to be taking on a challenge to be honest (I’m off to Ethiopia in a week!) but then if I am being really honest I need to admit that there is never an ideal time for me when it comes to dieting. Since the age of 14 (that’s 25 years) I have been on and off a diet and thinking about my weight, my body shape and issues related to those things!  It’s not healthy and I’d love to stop, I do want to be free of the constant preoccupation with food and weight but so far I have not found anything that has worked for me.

This does not have to be my life story forever though, does it? OK, I have not succeeded so far but I’ve learnt lots along the way and what better time than now to try and sort this out once and for all. I am pretty sure my attitude has stopped me from being successful in the past. In most things in life I am a glass half full kind of girl, I know I will do well and I can visualise success. It has not been so with my weight. But right here, right now I am drawing a line under this negative thinking.  Mich WILL become healthy, I may never be a supermodel, nor a size 10 but I CAN get to a healthy body weight and I CAN live a healthier life.

So there it is – that’s the line right there. Drawn.
Destructive old ways and negative thinking OVER.
New life starting today!
I WILL lose weight because I need to.
I mentioned earlier that I have not been able to visualise success so I’ll cheat a bit. In August this year on holiday we visited a theme park that had some of those comedy mirrors, the type that distort your body shape and there was one that made me look slimmer and I got a snap of what I WILL look like in the not so distant future.

I love that photo!  I need to get lots of copies printed and stick them everywhere as a visual reminder don’t I?
Here is actually what I do look like, taken that same day.  I have not got a full body shot but the podge on the top half will give you the idea!
I have weighed today and I weigh 17st 8lb, that is a humongous amount of weight but I won’t dwell on it too much as it is just a starting point and I WILL enjoy watching the numbers go down.
The way I am going to be losing this weight is by following the Weight Watchers Pro Points plan. I have been given 6 months online membership and there are quite a number of bloggers joining in with this #WWBack2Best challenge so you can watch/ encourage us on twitter with that hashtag.
I have been having a browse of the online site and there is a wealth of information on there, I just need to get my head round it all now. I also have a really useful app downloaded onto my iPhone. This lets me track everything I eat during the day and it calculates my Pro Points for me so that I do not have to worry.  I am just going with the principles of sensible choices and cutting my portion sizes and I fully expect my Weight Watchers app to do the rest.  I’ll be sure to report back to you and let you know how I get on.
If you fancy trying it out for yourself too then Weight Watchers have created a great deal for us to share as part of the #WWBack2Best challenge. You can access the online plan for a week for just £1 and trial the app for free. Do make sure you read the small print though as the plan will automatically renew unless you instruct otherwise.
I’m looking forward to reporting back in next Friday morning to let you know how I have got on and how much weight I have lost.
Have a great week all those on this journey with me.  Mich x

Disclosure:  I have received 6 months online membership and a Weight Watchers hamper for the purposes of undertaking this review of the plan and products. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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